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As we know that Zero is the Shah Rukh, Anushka, Katrina starrer movie which was released on 21 December 2018. It is one of the expensive movies which Shah Rukh Khan has signed. We have seen that the movie is said to be a flop as critics are giving negative reviews to the movie. The audience also did not like it very much. But on the contrary, the movie managed to be in the top 10 grossers of 2018. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom works and it has pushed the movie to collect well despite many controversies and negative reviews.

Shah Rukh Khan ‘Zero’ Total Box Office Collection:

The movie was released on a large number of screens, about 4400 screens but still, the movie was not able to take good advantage. On the new year the movie successfully collected Rs 1.25 Crore, from where it saw hopes. Till now the movie has collected Rs 220 crores worldwide and according to the reports, it has beaten the collection of Stree and came on the tenth position.

In case you missed the Zero Trailer, you can watch it here:

The movie ‘Zero’ is based on the dwarf man Bauua Singh which is played by Shah Rukh Khan, he is reckless and does not believes in love. But ultimately he falls in love with a paralyzed girl Afiya and their love story goes till space. The first half of the movie is good and funny and personally, I enjoyed the movie before intermission. But after the intermission, the movie becomes tough to handle and seems extremely long.

It seems like that the editing team went on the vacation when the movie was about to release. However, still, the movie has not made much profit as the sole budget of the movie was Rs 200 crore. The new releases Simmba and KGF are giving tough competition to the movie and it is struggling at the box office. For more updates of Zero Box Office Collection reports, stay tuned with us.



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