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Today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai begins with Kartik thinking about Naira how they together used to celebrate Sawan Milni Festival. And, there in Goa, Naira is also thinking about the same. While swinging Kairav feels the same dizziness again that he felt a few days back, and Vedika (also while swinging) is about to befall from the swing, but Kartik saved her. Everyone is relieved here that Vedika and Kartik are alright.

Kairav is taken to the hospital. Naira is so worried about him and prays Goda to heal him asap. She, at this moment, is missing Kartik so badly. Lisa is consoling her that he will be fine. Doctor asks Nira for Kairav’s parents’ medical reports to check if someone has had a major illness like a blood clot or something like that. She tells the doctor that she had a clot.

Kartik gets an intuition that someone his dearest one is in trouble. He, being so restless asks his manager if there’s something wrong in the office. For once, he gets thought of Kairav whether he is okay or not!

Grandma (Suhasini) says Vedika, for now, she’s just a friend to Kartik, but they will be tied in a knot of marriage, then she will be much more than that to him. The priest arrives at Goenka’s House to fix the dates. Swarna is wishing for a miracle that could bring her Naira back. And, it’s tomorrow that is the auspicious day for the engagement. Gayu tries to make Swarna understood why to rush for the marriage. Instead, try to understand Kartik’s feelings.

Kartik decides to call Kairav. Naira has to go to Udaipur to get his medical reports of her clot. Let’s see what will happen next. Stay tuned with us for more written updates of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.


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