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In the last episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we have watched that Sahil Kills Rohan in a bomb Blast, Rohan’s mother Sudha come to India from London she comes in Bhalla’s house where Karan is going to tell her about Rohan’s death. Now, Sudha is asking about Rohan to Karan, Rohan hugged her and told her that Rohan is no more. Sudha completely shocked after listening to that, she lost her patience and cries a lot. Sahil there is making another evil plan to destroy Bhalla’s. Nest morning Sahil Shah comes in the funeral of Rohan, Raman asked Sahil how you dare to come here. An argument started between Raman and Sahil about her Sister murder, Shail said that he will kill every person of Bhalla’s family.

Raman said to Sahil Shah that no one in Bhalla’s family killed your sister, she died because of your misdeeds. Shamshad stops Raman to not to talk like that to Sahil and Raman slaps him. Sahil holds Raman at gunpoint, Ishita stops Raman and tries to clarify Sahil that no one in Bhalla’s family killed your sister. Sahil said that he will first kill that killer who killed her sister after he will kill Raman. Sahil threatens to Bhalla’s that he will kill everyone if they do not disclose who kills her sister.

Image Source: Hotstar

Raman is completely annoyed because of Sahil and said that he will end hooliganism of Sahil, Ishita makes him understand to have some patience for the sake of Rohan. Sudha decided to shift in London permanently with Karan, Karan said that he will go along with her after complete an important work of him. Sudha asked Karan about that important work of Karan, he said that he will take revenge on Rohan’s death to Sahil. Sudha said to Rohan that it is damn risky, Ishita also tries to make him understand same but Karan insists to take revenge.

Vishal Yug’s friend is tensed because of he is hiding something sensitive from all. Yug tries to find out but in between Raman enters between them he told Yug and Ranveer to leave and asked about that secret. Vishal tries to manipulate the things as he does not want to share the secrets and Vishal disappears. Sahil Shah eagerly trying to killer behind her sister Muskan’s murder. In the next episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we will watch that Raman and Ishita go to Vishal’s house and see that a person is tied on the couch Vishal said them that he is a drug addict.


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