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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going through an intense atmosphere as the secret of the imposter is revealed in front of all. Raman decided to find ut original Ishita, but everyone warned him that Sahil is a big criminal and he will harm Raman for sure. Mani suggested Raman involve the police, direct encounter with Sahil must be dangerous.

Yug shares a problem with his friend, his friend aware him that it is well of death. There is no chance to survive there, Yug later told that there is a lot of favor from Bhalla’s family on him and he has to save Ishita. He told to his friends that he is not forcing them to go along with him. Ranbir agrees to go along with Yug and one of them left them.

There is a tense atmosphere in Bhalla’s house. Later Police investigate from Raman and they all go in Shail’s house. Raman asked Sahil that where is Ishita. Sahil tried to unaware of all that. Sahil again tried the same thing when the Police inspector investigate. Raman tried to search Sahil’s house and Sahil allowed him, but they did not find anything in the house.

Police scold Raman for giving wrong information. sahil give some tips to Shyna. He is planning something very dangerous. Raman did not find anything because he spotted Yug that he is following him. He dropped Shyna somewhere else. Sahil gave a hoax to Yug. Entire Bhalla family and Ishita’s Mother depressed because Raman failed to find Ishita.

Sahil comes to Shyna and takes back Shyna to his secret place, Ruhi and Rimi alligate on Karan that he is involving in the kidnapping of Ishita, Karan informed Ruhi and Simi that Rohan had a fight with Sahil’s bodyguard, they both suddenly inform to Raman. The episode ended with that, in the next episode, we will see that Sahil again hoax to Bhalla and tied Shyna in place of Ishita. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates related to Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.


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