Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
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Today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins with Arijit entering Bhallas asking about Ishita’s health. Arijit insists Ishita to open the door and come outside. Mani tells everyone to relax. Simmi along with Arijit comes inside the room and tries to make her understand everything. Karan calls the psychiatrist. The doctor asks him why she started behaving weirdly. According to the plan, Karan tells the psychiatrist what she needs to do. The doctor injects a fake medicine to Ishita and tells everyone that she’s unstable. Not only this, but she also recommends Bhallas that Ishita needs to be admitted in an asylum.

Karan assures the psychiatrist that she will neither be blamed nor her license will be rejected. The doctor plays so smartly in front of everyone. Everyone gets a shock when came to know about admitting Ishita in the asylum and they refuse for the same. Aliya trying convincing says the doctor is right as it’s dangerous for everyone if Ishi maa will be living in the house. So, it would be better to move her to the asylum. Yug and the psychiatrist also convincing the family members. Ishita finally leaves for the asylum.

Karan gives Ishita a new phone with a new sim card. Oh Shit! Ishita while trying to sneak out from the asylum Arijit attacked her and she fell unconscious. Later, Arijit reveals that she heard talking Karan to the doctor and he gotta know that it’s all a drama. Arijit has locked Ishita in the asylum’s outhouse. Mani made rasam(a dish) in Bhallas House. Everyone in the house is aware of the plan now. Arijit texted Karan from Ishita’s phone that she’s safe and everyone is relieved.

Let’s see what will happen next! How Ishita will handle all these things, Will she be able to find Raman? Stay tuned with us for the upcoming updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.




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