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In the latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we will see that Ishita has been kidnapped and she is in a bad condition. Pihu comes and asks Raman to eat something and he says he will eat this later. Param comes in comes in senses and Raman says he will go to meet him. Param lies in bed and Raman says he is saying a lie. Then the police go and Param says that he has kidnapped her. Raman gets angry and asks why you did this and where is my wife. Then the police come and ask Raman to calm down as he is ill. Raman says he is acting and he knows where my wife is.

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 03 January 2019 written episode, Ishita is in trouble and doctor gives her the injection and the doctor leaves. Ishita is in pain and Raman becomes so angry and the police inspector asks him not to get provoked. The family becomes so tensed. Toshi says that Param is so dangerous and he can do anything. The Police inspector says we will find Ishita at any cost. Raman gets the call of Bala and he gets to know that Appa is serious. He gets worried. Inspector says that tempo has been found. Raman becomes ill. Rohan asks Raman to drop him. Sudha asks where is Ishita from Karan. Karan thinks why Rohan is so attached to the Bhalla family.

Karan informs Sudha and tells that Rohan has changed and he is concerned about Bhalla family more. Rohan says that thumb


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