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Star Plus’s show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is doing good now and including many twists and conspiracy of Sudha. The episode starts with Param calling Sudha and then he says I do not want money and I want freedom. Sudha says you cannot come out as you have done so many crimes. Param says I am also a bad guy and I will tell the truth to Simmi and then what will happen. Sudha says I am not mad and I have given you money for this. Param says give me a chance and we both have the same enemies. Sudha says how dare you to say that and I will not do that. Param starts acting.

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2018 episode written updates, Param will blackmail Sudha that he will be taken to the hospital and you will ask them to take them to Sarvodaya Hospital. Param says Ishita is their enemy and we both together can trouble Ishita and you will get your son back. Sudha shakes hand with Param. Appa is critical and Madhu asks him to get up and Nisha is caught by the police. Madhu does not go anywhere and she says I will sit here. Madhu sees Vishwa comes in senses. Appa says I am sorry Madhu and I lied to you.

Ishita comes and becomes happy. Appa says you all will be insulted by everyone. Ishita says that I am so guilty. Nurse gives him an injection. Ishita become so sad that how can Nisha do this and Appa is so tensed and she says this should not have happened with him. Ishita and Raman goes and sees everything is so beautiful in the Christmas party. Simmi also says that we should add Rohan and Karan’s name in the game. Raman becomes angry and scolds Simmi. For more updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode, stay tuned with us


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