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In the earlier episode, we see that Simmi is so concerned about Rohan as she thinks her daughter’s heart is beating in the body of Rohan and then Simmi gets tensed. She sees Rohan is having a fever and gets worried, she asks everyone to call the doctor but they say that Rohan is acting and he is well. Roohi comes and also taunts them to stop this drama. Aliya comes and tells that seriously he is having fever. Ishita comes and checks him, she takes out the BP machine. Karan says please help my brother as he is not well.

In the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2018 written episode updates we see that Simmi says please do something. Nisha comes in the room of Appa as the nurse and she says give me my money. Appa says I will give that to police. Simmi goes to Rohan and gives him the Prashad of the temple. Simmi says you are having dengue and please take care of yourself. Simmi says please eat all this and take care of yourself. Sudha also comes and asks what is happening and asks how are you doing now. Simmi says that I will take care of you as my child. Bala comes and says I have come here to see Appa. He asks her to give him the medicines. Madhu says I will go to Vishwa and

In the latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, the things become serious in the house as Madhu will see what is happening and she becomes scared after seeing Vishwa in such a critical situation. Nisha had stabbed the Appa with scissors and his blood was flowing. Madhu calls Ishita and asks for help. She starts crying. Everyone comes and takes Appa to the hospital. Police come and then they ask questions from Raman. Police asks if Appa was having some enemies. Raman says no he does not have any enemies.


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