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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is one of the longest-running shows of Star Plus. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update starts with Ishita coming to the home and she becomes sad. Raman also comes crying. He thinks he has to give her 49% of the shares. Raman says today is Diwali and we have to beg in front of her everytime and she is such a wamp. Ishita says you should be brave. Raman says no I just want to kill myself and this Diwali is not Diwali but a black Diwali.

In the latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Roohi comes and asks them to come downstairs as Dadu is calling them both. Mr. Bhalla says that we know that you are facing a lot of trouble and we are with you always. Raman says you do not know Sudha as she is so cunning. Mr. Bhalla says that listen to us. Mrs. Bhalla brings all the jewelry and says please take all this and give everything to Sudha as this problem is not only yours but ours. Pihu says we are helping you and everything will be fine.

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2018 episode, Simmi says we are a family and family can do anything. Ishita also gives her jewelry. Everyone cries. Ishita says that everyone loves Raman and now we have made everyone’s Diwali, a Diwali in the real sense. In the morning everybody becomes so sad. Toshi was ill and Ishita says why we are so sad as this is a new year. Roohi says I am so tensed as Sudha is coming to the office again and again. Some papers come. Roohi becomes shocked to see those papers. Ishita says what happened. Roohi says these are the summons which came from the court in name of Alia and Roohi.

Ishita says Rohan and Karan want to give divorce to Alia and Roohi. Ishita says they want a compensation of 100 Crore in return. Roohi says what wrong ligations they have made on us. Raman says I will teach them a lesson and I do not want my daughters to be with some devil people like this. Bala comes and says what nonsense is this. Raman takes out the gun. Ishita says please do not do this as Sudha wants this. Toshi faints. Everybody becomes shocked.

Ishita calls some lawyer and says we should talk to them and we will find a solution. Sudha says they are not going to get any solution for this. Sudha says now Bhalla family is not going to survive. Alia thinks all this is happening because of us and I want to do something for them.


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