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Rohan encounters Sahil Shah and Ishita standing there and watching all that helplessly, Yug and Aliya there going to get married they are in the middle of the rituals. Raman, Ishita, and Karan call for help as they are not aware that the bomb squad member is Sahil Shah, Sahil ran away and the bomb was in the Rohan’s bag and it blasts and Rohan died. Ishita and Raman failed to find even the dead body of Rohan. Bala, there is in the shock as his son was killed and told everyone that Sahil is taking revenge. He is mad in anger and lost his patience.

Police come at the blast spot where Karan, Ishita, and Raman told everything to Police, Karan also lost his patience and find only his shoes and crying so badly. Raman tells everything to the police he tries to show proof to the police but Sahil stole his bag and took it with him. Raman said to the police to arrest Sahil but the inspector denied as they have no proof. Karan is in shock as he lost his brother and Sahil there destroys all the proof against him.

Image Source: Hotstar

Bala and other Bhalla about to leave his house for the spot but suddenly Karan with Raman and Ishita entered in the room. Karan mother calls Karan and she asked for Rohan and him but Karan fails to inform her about Rohan. Sudha asked for Rohan but Ishita said that she is coming to her and inform her what happened, Raman said the Rohan met with an accident and he calls her to his home. Ruhi comes to Karan and tries to make him understand, he hugged Ruhi and she gives condolences to him. Sudha comes at Bhalla’s house and Karan come out of the room, Sudha asked Karan where is Rohan. In the next episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we will watch that Sahil come to Bhalla’s house.


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