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In the earlier episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we see that Raman is so tensed and gets to know that Ishita is with Param and Param says that if Ishita will get hurt then he will kill him. Param says I have kidnapped Ishita and see what I will do with Ishita. Param cuts the phone and Raman becomes so angry. Param takes out the gun and asks who will be killed first. Simmi goes to Aliya and Roohi and says that you should sign these papers and we will get out of this problem. Aliya says yes we want our amma papa to get out of this situation and Sudha gets to know that Rohan is working for her.

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th January 2019 written episode we see that Raman is so restless and he tries to reveal Param but when police reach the hospital we see that Param was lying there. Sudha comes and sees that the divorce papers are signed and she gets happy. Rohan and Simmi go. Sudha meets her lawyer and then Rohan comes and listens to what Sudha is saying. Sudha says she cannot let go 100 crores so easily and now she is adding the Rs 100 crore clause in these papers. Rohan becomes so sad and angry by listening to this. Sudha thinks Raman will come on roads and he will have to give me Rs 100 crore.

Rohan thinks that mom has done this and she used me. Rohan comes there and says that he wants to hug her. He spills coffee on the papers. Sudha gets angry and thinks what she will do now. Simmi asks what happened Rohan. Rohan says I am sorry that you trusted me blindly and my mother backstabbed me. He tells her everything. Rohan asks if she is angry with him. Simmi says no. Raman comes home. Toshi asks where were you. Raman gets too angry after seeing Simmi coming with Rohan. He taunts her. Simmi talks about Rohan and Raman comes and yells at her. Raman gets angry and says he does not want to eat anything. For more updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update, stay tuned with us.


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