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Today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai begins with Kairav watch Naira dancing and she bleeds as her foot slipped over the seashell. Kairav makes a video of her and forwards it to Kartik. Kairav says Naira they will go to meet Kartik once she will heal with her wound.

In Goenkas House the priest suggests Goenkas about the auspicious day for the marriage and that is after 15 days. Seeing Akhilesh lost in his thoughts, Samarth asks him is there something bothering him? Swarna suggests Suahisini postpone the date but she refused. Vedika calls Kartik and tells him grandma has fixed their marriage date.

Naira tells Lisa that she won’t go back. Kartik has decided to move on in his life, so she also decides never to go back to Udaipur. Goenkas started the preparations for the marriage. Kartik agrees with the date and promises Vedika to give his best efforts for this marriage.

Kairav calls Kartik but he didn’t receive as he promised his mother that he won’t give false hopes to Kairav anymore. Kartik organizes a dance event and Naira being unaware of the fact, decides to apply as the choreographer of the show.

Vedika is crying remembering her father. Badi Dadi (Kaveri) explains to her that life is just like a rose plant having more thorns and lesser flowers. She also says for long years she has taken care of Kartik, this is the reason that they both are going to be together now. Vedika states- the only desire of her father was to see her settled in her happily married life but that couldn’t be completed. Badi Dadi promises Vedika to be her family and perform all the rituals of a bride’s family. Seeing this, Kartik encourages himself to move on too.

Let’s see what will happen next, will Kartik and Naira meet again or not? Stay tuned with us for more updates of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written updates.


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