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Today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Arijit injecting a drug to Raman’s body which will keep him like an alive corpse and soon Ishita will also believe that Raman is no more. Arijit wants the Bhalla family to suffer the way he has suffered. He takes an oath to punish Bhallas for all their misdeeds.

Ruhi & Aliya reveals Karan & Yug that they were acting to fight with each other to teach them a lesson, to make them realize it’s not the right time to fight over their stupid topics. Instead, it’s the time to support Ishi Maa as she’s weak now. It’s the time be the pillar of strength for Ishi Maa. Aliya highly doubts that someone wants to trap them, and the person who kept the dead body in the flat is the same who has messaged Ishi Maa as Raman.

Ishita & Mani don’t get any clue regarding Raman from any of the hospitals and they decide to approach the police. Smart minded Ishita tells Mani that she thinks it’s the same person who is trying to trap Ruhi & Aliya, and who has kidnapped Raman too. Later, she made a plan and tells Mani about it.

Simmi advises Ruhi & Aliya to cheer up before arriving Ishita home back as she’s already tensed. Ishita excitedly tells everyone that she is having a strong feeling of Raman coming back soon. Bhallas received a parcel for Ishita containing nuptial necklace (mangal sutra). Ishita according to her plan, got offended when Mihika tells her that Raman will never come back and she even attacked her with the knife. Now she wants to admit her in an asylum so that she could go away and find out Raman. Along with Mani, Ruhi, Aliya, Yug, and Karan are also part of the plan now. Stay tuned with us for upcoming updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.


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