Written Episode Of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Of 2 August 2019: Written Updates In English
Image Source: Hotstar

In today’s written episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala of 2 August 2019, Kulfi was sitting with other family members and suddenly, Sikander (Muphy) come with lunch and ask Kulfi and family members to have it. Then Sikander’s (Murphy) fake wife and children sat down and start doing lunch then Kulfi also sit with them and have lunch with them. But suddenly, Kulfi thinks of her mother and piggy bank in which she has collected lots of money through which she wants to buy dresses for all her family members. After recalling this memory, Kulfi gets upset and move from there. Now Murphy goes behind Kulfi and asks her to forgive your dad and other family members but Kulfi refuses and said that she will never forgive them.

In the next screen of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala written updates, children start fighting and break Gada (weapons of God) and then all family member gathered at that place and all of them start fighting with each other. Then Kulfi sauteed fight and make them understand the problem. Then all family members together hug each other. Then Kulfi starts singing a song. Then Kulfi asks Murphy to sing a song but Murphy doesn’t sing a song in his real voice as Murphy knows that if he sings a song in his real voice, Kulfi will get to know that he is not Murphy.

Next day, in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala written episode, Murphy and Kulfi backpack all the things and leave the Pammi and Dharminder house. When they come home, Murphy comes in real avatar (Sikander). And then Sikander starts singing a song. And then both Kulfi and Sikander start watching the moon but they are not together, they are in a separate house. Then Vikram comes to meet Kulfi and there Vikram calls Murphy and tell him that I have one more big contract for Kulfi. Stay tuned with us for more written updates and for Kulfi Kumar Bajewala written episode.


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