Wormholes, gravitational forces

In a discovery, astronomers have concluded that the existence of black holes occurred through the numerous models, experiments and observations. In the year 2015, data which are collected from the LIGO experiment has been revolutionized in the study of astrophysics when scientists have confirmed that the Einstein’s theory of general relativity detected the gravitational waves for the first time.

The Gravitational waves are rippled in the space-time, and it is similar to the ripples which are created by the stone which was thrown into the pond. As per scientists, they have postulated the gravitational waves which can occur during the supernova and the two massive objects orbit each other as the two massive objects collide.

As per the astronomers at the LIGO observatory which was caught sight of the gravitational waves and from the two black holes which was merged into each other about 1.3 billion years ago. A team of physicists which are present at the KU Leuven University in Belgium and are looking into the possibility that black holes may not exist and in the place, wormholes can create gravitational waves.

The black holes which are present at the major contradiction of the principles of quantum mechanics and they also have an event horizon in which a point is present, and there is no going back for any object which happened to cross the line. To address the conflict, physicists Pablo Bueno and Pablo A, Cano and they are looking into the compact objects like wormholes. Wormholes are said to be tunnels in space-time, and it can be crossed to create a shortcut in another universe. Einstein has predicted that the wormholes along with his relativity theory and wormholes don’t have an event horizon.

The team has found a theoretical model which explains how the scientists can identify the gravitational waves which are coming from the collision of two wormholes. The graphs that are detected from the model are not different from the existing records, and they are except the existence of echoes.

The study was published in the journal Physical Review D.


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