world population day 2019

World Population Day is celebrated every year on 11th July to seek people’s attention towards the rising population and aims at providing awareness about the population growth issues. As we know children inherit what they see. So, it has become very important to make them understood to not to repeat the same mistakes that the current generation is committing and our predecessors already did.

World’s population was 3 billion in 1960. And, since then, in the last 6 decades, the global population rise to 7.61 billion that means the world had face a population explosion by more than 120%.

People never take this issue seriously! But they’ve to understand it’s the biggest issue that the world could face ever. So, let me take you through what if the population continues to rise like this? Natural resources have already started being depleted. And, with this rapid increase in population, you will have the day when there would be no resources left for our upcoming generation. Not only this, the reason behind poverty and hunger across the world is also the same.

It’s the time when we need to educate the youngsters and meanwhile create awareness among the adults. Some informative measures have to be adapted to tackle the population crisis and hence empowering developing countries.

India has implemented the National Family Planning Program in 1951 which aims at focusing on lowering fertility rates, hence will be helpful in controlling the population growth. This National Family Planning Program was based on many principles and one of the most important says: “It should be only the parents’ decision about how many children they want. No family pressure must be there”. This program turned out to be very helpful and an estimate of 17 crore births was prevented.

Apart from the Indian National Family Planning Program, UNESCO has also set some objectives:

a) Students must know the importance of controlling family size.

b) A small family is a happy family and also can contribute to the quality of life.

c) Students should understand and accept that the Indian families should be compact which will lead to the betterment of this globe.

d) To provide information about the consequences of the higher population over the entire world.

Basically, it’s so important especially for today’s youth to understand the consequences of large population growth equally along with the importance of controlling the population growth.


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