Woman donates nearly $15,000 to cancer foundation by recycling cans
Image Source: Global Citizen

A Canadian woman has been continually donating at a cancer foundation office situated in Vancouver since more than last two decades. The woman, named Gia Tran, arranged the money by gathering bottles and cans and dropped by the office nearly every weekday to donate a sum of over $10 each time.

However, when the BC Cancer Foundation staff calculated the donation amount contributed by Tran over 21 years, the overall amount totalled to over $15,000. Every single day, 62-year-old Tran walks down the Vancouver streets, looking for all the disposed of bottles and cans.

The time when she can collect the most about of trash is during summer when several people enjoy the tan and visit parks. However, the noble lady continues collecting cans and bottles even during the chilly winter time. Tran loves serving and helping people battling with cancer, a report by CBC says.

The deposit values of bottles and can do not remain the same and fluctuate a lot in British Columbia. Any small-sized plastic bottles or cans which contained a kind of non-alcoholic beverages have a new value of five cents per unit. The beer cans have a higher value of 10 cents per unit.

Wine bottle has the highest value of 20 cents per unit and is also considered as the heaviest of all such items. However, Tran opts for the cans that are lightweight as this helps her to carry more such units.

In the Canadian cities, the informal networks of recycling form a crucial part. The largest informal recycling networks are in Toronto, with several collectors moving around the parks as well as backyards of homes to collect disposed bottles and cans. In most of the areas in the city, people place alcoholic containers just close to the street for the collectors to pick them up. This is a reason why the city has nearly 98 per cent of the return rate for beer bottles made of glass.

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