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Image Source: The Clarion-Ledger

Most of the people around the world are quite excited when they listen or read or even talk about any of the celestial events. Space, the final frontier is a mystery to most of the people, most importantly for the people who want to resolve things. Due to this, the next massive celestial event of 2019, the Total Lunar Eclipse or the Super Blood Wolf Moon has become the most anticipated events for the sky watchers, given that they are not Luke Skywalker.

The Total Lunar Eclipse or the Super Blood Wolf Moon is going to take place on 21st of January 2019. So, the question that most people ask is why the Moon is called Super Blood Wolf Moon? Well, during a total lunar eclipse, the natural satellite of Earth, Moon embarks the closest approach towards the green planet, Earth. What happens next is Earth casts a shadow on Moon, and the moon turns reddish, and people from Earth see a reddish gleam.

For an unknown reason, a complete lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth, Moon & the Sun aligned in a straight line in such a way that Earth is positioned right between the Sun and the Moon. The only logical explanation is that this allows the Earth for casting a shadow of reddish-brown hue on the Moon.

And this is the reason which makes the Total Lunar Eclipse of 21st January 2019, a rare Super Blood Wolf Moon. So can this rare phenomenon bring earthquake on Earth? Well, it is believed that Blood Moons brings disaster on Earth like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

It isn’t determined as to how the forthcoming Blood Moon affects the Earth. But scientists have figured out the gravitational pull of Moon on Earth increases the seismic activity. It is also believed that the tidal effect on Earth is at its most active during the full moons and the new moons.

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