West Bengal Bangasree Ichamati Lottery Results Today 03-03-2019
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West Bengal organizes lotteries every day and you will be seeing a different lottery every day. On Sunday results of West Bengal, Bangaree Ichamati are released. You will get to see the results on our website as soon as they are announced. West Bengal is known for its unique culture and rituals and makes it the fourth most populous state in India. Talking about its economy then it is having one of the strongest economies in India.

West Bengal decided to launch the lottery system in the state and since May 14, 2019, daily lottery was announced. Bumper lotteries were also there on the festivals but daily lotteries were the biggest move of the state government. The results are announced on 4:00 pm but it is said that more tickets will be available whose results will be available from 11:55 AM and 8:00 PM. You will be wondering how much will one ticket cost you. Let us tell you that it will cost you a nominal fee of Rs 6 which anybody can afford nowadays.

Bangasree Ichamati Lottery Results Today (17.02.19)

We see that every day is a new lottery on West Bengal. On Monday Banga Laxmi Teesta. On Tuesday Banga Laxmi Torsha. On Wednesday we have Banga Laxmi Raidak. Banga Laxmi Bhagirathi lottery results come on Thursday. On Sunday we notice the results of Bangasree Ichamati Lottery.


1st Prize 30 Lakhs/-

22E 72823

Cons. Prize 1,000/-


2nd Prize 9000/-

08357 22213 26755 35330 46332
56802 61599 66006 70009 71916

3rd Prize 500/-

0095 1624 2082 2178 3308
3402 4297 7285 8068 9572

4th Prize 250/-

0608 1322 3065 3302 6240
6550 6740 7720 8331 9373

As soon as the results are announced we will update it on our website. Everybody try their luck and you should also test it. Luck is not a random thing and you should invest in the lotteries for once and maybe this has the potential of changing your life as others. We wish luck to every aspirant who comes on our website.


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