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West Bengal is also in the list of those 13 states which allowed lotteries schemes in its state. The lottery schemes are beneficial for the government and for the citizens as well. As we all know money can solve many problems in our lives and it can help anyone to fulfill all the dreams. The West Bengal government giving this opportunity to all the citizens. It also helps the state in providing employment in the state. A number of people take part in the lottery schemes as it is one of the biggest cash flow of the state. Changes many lives of people till now by making them wealthy.

The winning numbers of Bangasree Damodar Lottery will be announced at 4:00 PM and you can check the complete results by 4:30 PM. You can also check the complete results by 4:30 PM. You can also check the complete updated results at The News Recorder as we provide only authentic results as soon as it announced.

The Lottery system in the state since 14 May 2019 and from that day the government offers new schemes of lottery daily to the citizens. On Monday Banga Laxmi Teesta, on Tuesday Banga Laxmi Torsha, Banga Laxmi Raidak, on Wednesday, Banga Laxmi Bhagirathi on Thursday, Banga Bhumi Ajay on Friday, Bangasree Damodar on Saturday, and on Sunday Bangasree Ichamati Lottery.

Check out West Bengal State Lottery Bangasree Damodar Results of 13 April 2019, with the winning amount below.

First Prize: Rs. 30 Lakhs


Consolation Prize: Rs. 9,500/-


Second Prize: Rs. 9000/-


Third Prize: Rs. 500/-


Fourth Prize: Rs. 250/-


Fifth Prize: Rs. 120/-

Note: West Bengal Lottery Bangasree Damodar Result will be declared at 4:00 PM and you can check the complete results by 4:30 PM. Please refresh this website to check the complete results. We advise you, please keep your winning ticket safe as it is the only thing which can get your reward. Stay tuned with us for all West Bengal lotteries scheme latest updates and updated results.




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