Ways To Prevent Air Pollution, Easy Methods To Reduce Air Pollution, Steps to control Air Pollution
Image Source: Greenhouse Gas Emission

Air quality in India is inferior, and the increasing pollution took more than a million lives last year. According to the research published in JAMA, air pollution effect is as dangerous as smoking a whole packet of cigarette. Air pollution can cause severe damage to the lungs, and it is also responsible for cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are related to the heart; many people lost their lives due to the interrupted flow of oxygen to the heart, causing a heart attack.  If there is something to blame for the deaths of millions, blame the ground-level ozone.

Causes Of Air Pollution

Ground-level ozone is an oxidizing agent which traps the harmful gasses in the environment and cause severe diseases to a human body, including skin infections. Air pollution is also responsible for the new breathing problems, and infections in infants as air pollution causes harmful effects to the pregnant mother resulting in unhealthy kid and early diseases. Sometimes, the impact of air pollution on a mother body can result in premature deaths. According to WHO, 4.2 million premature deaths get registered on a global level every year. It is essential to look over the precautions regarding air pollution.

Ways To Prevent Air Pollution: Easy Methods To Reduce Air Pollution
Image Source: India Institute of Public Health -Gandhinagar

Precautions and Majors To Prevent Air Pollution

  • Use fewer motor vehicles and better use of public transportation services provided by the government like Metro and public buses.
  • Stop using firewoods and coals for cooking, and spread awareness in the ruler areas for avoiding the use of wood and other natural resources which emit harmful gasses.
  • Avoid burning leaves and garbage, as it emits gasses which gets stuck in the atmosphere causing high temperature.
  • Do not use gas-powered garden equipment like lawnmowers.
  • Keep your vehicle well serviced to avoid pollution.
  • Use solar energy over combustible energy as it will save the resource and will not cause any pollution.
  • Use environmental friendly paints and products to avoid the emission of harmful gasses.


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