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MTV Splitsvilla is one of the famous reality show which has a strong youth base from the age group 16 to 25. The youngsters and teenagers are attracted towards this show MTV Splitsvilla. Not only this Splitsvilla is becoming a role model for girls and boys nowadays as they dream to go there and make their life exactly the same. The Splitsvilla was first started in 2008 and is happily making love with the fans and sponsors. In the last season of Splitsvilla 11, Shruti Sinha and Gaurav Alugh were titled as the winner of the last season. The season 11 of MTV Splitsvilla was somehow amazing and was a hit show on MTV. Let us see what additions will Splitsvilla 12 will add. Click here to check year wise winners of Splitsvilla.

Splitsvilla 12 is again started on 16th of August with some terrible boys and girls and also with a theme of “Your Best Shot at Love”. MTV Splitsvilla 12 is again hosted by the famous personalities named as Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh. The new season is already favored with 2 episodes which are given below.

Contestants Name in Splitsvilla 12:

Below mention contestants are selected for the Splitsvilla 12. There are 10 boys and 10 girls remaining for the next episodes. Total of 15 boys was registered in the Splitsvilla 12 and 5 are now eliminated. Check the contestant.

Contestants(Girls) In Splitsvilla 12:

  1. Jinal Sharma
  2. Alice Gari
  3. Aradhna Sharma
  4. Bhavya Singh
  5. Hridya Prajapati
  6. Miesha Iyer
  7. Priyamvada Kant
  8. Arshiya Arshi
  9. Soundarya Thakur
  10. Aahna Sharma

Contestants(Boys) In Splitsvilla 12:

  1. Aashish Bhatia
  2. Shrey Mittal
  3. Lokesh Bisht
  4. Shivam Bihari
  5. Ankush Kalyan
  6. Alfez Khaishagi
  7. Anshit Khandelwal
  8. Sambhav Baid
  9. Uday Sachdeva
  10. Piyush Sharma

The above mention is the final 20 contestants of Splitsvilla 12. Below is the Episode of Splitsvilla 12. Let us see who will be the winner of Splitsvilla Season 12.

Splitsvilla Episode 1:

In episode 1 of MTV Splitsvilla 12, there was just an introduction about the actress and host Sunny Leone which shows that “Oracle” messages her and ask her to come, whereas in case of Actor and host Ranvijay Singha. Ranvijay gets a call from Sunny and they both decided to go and guess what, yes you are right they reached the SplitsVilla. The Splitsvilla 12 hosted in Jaipur, Rajasthan. All the girls in the Splitvilla enter with some great moves and their best personalities. All the girls one by one give their introduction about them and also a message for all the dashing boys.

Suddenly, a scroll comes which says that “Before meeting the boys you all will have the option to watch them online” All the girls checked boys in the photos and were somehow impressed with the same. Afterward, all the girls started heading towards the 1st Bae Watch session of Splitsvilla 12. One by one all the girls unlock the comments of the boys and it was fun around. Also, one by one all the girls called the boys on call and listen to their voice. Splitsvilla 12 Girls Contestants met a boy named Shrey, Alfez, and Loka. All the girls danced with the 3 boys and in the end, all the 3 boys give a locket to one girl each which was romantic.

Another scroll comes and all the girls were requested to come at the poolside to meet the host of Splitsvilla 12 “Ranvijay And Sunny”. All the boys showcased their personality in front of girls and one by one girl liked and disliked the boys.

Splitsvilla Episode 2:

In the second episode of Splitsvilla 12, The impression task (The task was named as Love at First Site) of boys continued as some boys were left. The boys presented them last nights were rejected with the whole girls’ team, therefore, they were shifted to dirty water instead of clean water. Among all the boys, only 5 boys are selected for the pool date with girls and the rest of the remaining boys were sent to the Splitsvilla.

All the boys and girls relaxed in the Splitsvilla and were waiting for the scrolls. The scrolls said that all the girls and boys be ready for the first dome session. In the dome, out of 15 boys, 5 boys are eliminated and now a total of 10 girls and 10 boys are continued in the Splitsvilla 12.

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