NITI Aayog Reduced The Upper Age Limit for UPSC Civil Services Exam
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NITI Aayog one of the most important organisation of Government which looks all the policies of Government of India. Niti Aayog was formed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals with the launching of cooperative federalism by getting mixed with the state government. This organisation is also making a good source for the economic policy of the country. With the above task, National Institute for Transforming India(NITI Aayog) is aiming for giving Knowledge, new innovation and entrepreneurial support to the country(India). Also, the government further said that if this will go smoothly soon it will become the State of the Art Resource Centre which will be good practice by them.

NITI Aayog is the only organisation which takes all the civil services exams and test and make new rules(complete right with NITI Aayog). Till the time there was an upper-limit age of 30 years for appearing civil service examination but according to the new laws and rules of NITI Aayog, it brings down to 27 years of age. Also, this new is only for the general category candidates and will be implemented strongly from 2022-2023.

This information was officially released in the new document of ‘‘Strategy for New India @75’ which was released on Wednesday. The document includes that “The upper age limit for the civil services should be brought down to 27 years for the general category in a phased manner by 2022-23”.

Also when the discussion was going on about the upper-limit of age, some other important discussion also held which will be now implemented. The discussion was that around 70 of the civil services in the central and state level need some advancement and decided to reduce it through rationalisation and harmonisation of services.

The document, therefore, said that the “Recruits should be placed in a central talent pool, which would then allocate candidates by matching their competencies and the job description of the post”. With this one more important agreement was added which was about the Civil service examination, the organisation decided that the numbers of exam for civil services should be brought down to one which will be considered as all-India Ranking and also the states should use the pool for recruitment.

As NITI Aayog also thinks for the development of every caste, they also ordered to look for the service conditions for employees of free-based bodies and also demanded to regulate and harmonised their performance. Also for these employees, the government has taken care from a very long time along with the helpful hands of NITI Aayog. They generally upgrade their services for a better life and future. Also, the government has taken several initiatives in recent years by the present government.

As by the government’s explanation, the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) is aiming at bringing strong states together for making a strong India. Also for giving more knowledge about the NITI, it started the NITI lectures for transforming India.


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