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Image Source: The Verge

On the first January of the very New Year, NASA’s horizon set a record by having reach in the most distant world. The historic project was though unmanned, but still, the achievement of the project made it be a special one. This is the visit to probably the oldest object in the space ever. The space probe is appreciated for a great job in the era where space research and exploration is at the edge to get triggered.

The NASA’s new Horizon team are congratulated for their work. A special congratulation is given to Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory as well as the Southwest Research Institute for being the constructor of the great history. Hearty congratulation was also given by the NASA administrator named Jim Bridenstine for their work.

The New Horizon happened to be the first to discover Pluto, and this is the day that New Horizon is the first spacecraft to break the record and reach the most distant body from the earth that has been ever visited.  The main purpose of the research is to avail information about the birth of the solar system as well as the birth of the planets. According to the administrator of NASA, this project is leading the complete exploration and is ahead of all in the competition.

By the signals, it is quite confirmed that the craft is all well and is doing its job. The craft is equipped digitally which is why the image is already with NASA at the operation center. There are two images of the asteroid taken which has been exploded on the internet so far. This is quite enough to indicate the size and shape of the Ultima Thule as of now. This is located for billion million miles away from the sun. The spacecraft is within 3500 kilometers of the Ultima.

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