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Image Source: The New York Times Post

Ultima Thule located at a distance of six billion kilometres from that of milky way galaxy’s sun. Ultima Thule is an icy celestial body which the scientists have announced this week on Wednesday by stating that it has the space of a massive snowman. The first of the details images have been beamed back from the National Aeronautics and Space Agency of the USA.

The discovery of Ultima Thule has provided the space explorers as well as the scientists with a major scientific discovery to confidently determine the body what was formed upon the union of two spheres also regarded as the lobes gradually gravitated towards each other until the moment they stuck with each other during the missions of the New Horizons.

The spacecraft of New Horizon has reportedly has flown past the icy celestial body is known as Ultima Thule that was discovered by a powerful telescope back in the year 2014. By far, Ultima Thule is the farthest as well as potentially the most ancient cosmic celestial body which has ever been observed by a spaceship. Before the spacecraft flew right past the celestial body, the scientists recovered an image with was nevertheless a blurry one that furthermore showcased an elongated shape of Ultima Thule which resembles a peanut or a bowling pin.

Alan Stern the lead investigator in charge of the mission said that this recent image looks like it has been taken in the year 2014 while he was doing something to hide the level of his joy as he started unveiling a new and a sharper image of the celestial body that was reportedly taken at a relatively close distance of 27,000 km along with a sharper resolution of 140 MPP. During a press briefing, Stern said that the bowling pin is gone and now it looks like a giant snowman.

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