The visitors who are visiting the Utah State Park are accused of destroying the sandstone features which are present there and shows the dinosaur tracks which are of millions of years. The visitors who are coming to this park are usually seen that they are taking these sandstones and throwing to the water body present near the park.

A Utah park manager named Josh Hansen, told to Salt LakeTribune When he noticed a child throwing a sandstone to the water he had gone to investigate the same with the help of his patrol boat. This piece of sandstone might be not a matter of concern at first sight, but after he noticed it carefully, he realized that the stone comes from the dinosaur tracks which is an important part of the history, as said by Josh.

Utah State,Dinosaur remains

The main job of Josh is to keep the people away from ruining the park. This park looks beautiful which is having a lot of rock, desert and water bodies. The main attraction for which many visitors comes to this park is to see the collection of dinosaur tracks which are of 200 million years old. Around that time, 8-foot tall dinosaurs have come to this place through terrain which is now northeastern Utah. When they cross this place, they have left behind dinosaur tracks which are now preserved in this park and an important part of the history.

According to the Utah Division of State parks spokesman Devan Chavez, said that it is a big problem and rocks that are thrown to reservoir might have gone to bottom and can never be found again. The Red Fleet State Park is now hiring a diving team to go underwater and try to retrieve the sandstone from the reservoir. The park officials are now bringing more stringent laws to preserve it from vandalizing.


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