There is so many Mortgage Vendor in the United State, whenever you think that from where you can borrow money. There are small and as well as the regional mortgage vendors. According to the Federal Reserve study, we have come to identify that these top 10 mortgage vendors in the United State and for you, we have listed those 5 mortgage vendors in America.

 Chase Mortgage

Yes, Chase is one of the most popular and the largest financial institutions in the US, and it is also operating in half of the households in America through mortgages, personal banking, credit cards, investment advice, small business loans and much more.

Chase an American multinational investment bank and financial services company is having 5,200 branches and has $2.4 trillion in assets and worldwide operations. As per the number of loans offered to U.S consumers, Chase is the biggest mortgage lenders. In the beginning months of 2016, Chase reported $22.4 billion in loans.

How Chase Become Top Mortgage Lenders

There are so many reasons why Chase becomes the largest mortgage lenders of the U.S, and most amazing, top 10 mortgage companies in general. We have listed all the major reason why Chase become the largest mortgage lenders, below.

Kinds Of Mortgage

The major reason Chase becomes the top 10 mortgage lenders is because of the wide lending choices they offer.

If you went to Chase bank, you can select different types of mortgage loans which best suit you’re personal needs. Mortgage choices such as 15 years and 30 years loans, ARM mortgages, FHA mortgages, VA Loans, Jumbo Loans, and many more.

Online Tools

Yes, Chase one of the best mortgage lenders offer and make homeownership and, the management of a loan as normal and convenient as possible for every borrower.

They provide various online services that aim to make this a fact. A few services options and online tools are listed below.

  1. Borrowers can easily make payment online and as well as they can schedule their payment. That’s why they remember to do it.
  2. It provides online banking services as it helps borrowers to view their monthly statement, sign up to receive account alerts, and review their escrow account.

Chase Mortgage Assistant

Chase becomes topmost mortgage lenders because it provided help/assistance to borrowers who may require help or if they are facing any problem while paying their mortgage.

It also provides an option to sell the home for less than is owned, and after which borrower can easily, make payment of a portion of the total balance. Happily, a borrower can get his/her property back, without a foreclosure process.

Nationstar Mortgage

It has experience of so many years, Nationstar Mortgage is well known for one of the best and largest mortgage lenders. As we know Nationstar Mortgage has made its way towards enhancement and you can definitely, observe when it comes up with the online tool named Nationstar Mortgage Login. It is not only known for top mortgage lenders but also for providing the best quality customer service by SQM Group, and get a rating of 5 stars by Fannie Mae servicing company.

Nationstar Mortgage headquarters is based in Texas but also have offices all across the country. It also operates in loan services, Nationstar features origination and transaction-based real estate services.

The major reason Nationstar Mortgage becomes the top 10 mortgage lenders are:

Personal Service

Nationstar works with a foundation built on an understanding of the inherent intimidation aspect that can proceed with getting a mortgage or home loan product.

It operates to relieve that sense of stress by linking borrowers with expert mortgage professionals, who help and assist buyers on each step of the process.

Borrower Help

Borrowers can find a wide variety of guides, F&Q, and needful information on their mortgage with the help of Nationstar support.

  1. Payment
  2. Statements
  3. Escrow
  4. New Customer
  5. Mortgage Assistance

If borrowers want to get more help or assistance, borrowers can use free calculator tool provided by Nationstar, for calculating the amount of mortgage payment they have to pay, refinancing choices, maximum loan amounts, payoff times, and many more.

 Flagstar Bank

Flagstar Bank headquarter is based in Troy, Michigan. The best thing about Flagstar bank, it maintains traditional bank branches only in Michigan, it’s the biggest and top mortgage originators in the country. Flagstar business has around 383,000 borrowers and almost $80 billion in home loans. Flagstar Bank is also known as Flagstar Bancorp, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as FBC.

Flagstar is genuine and top mortgage lenders, Flagstar grabs retail locations in 21 states all across the country, and the wholesale mortgage network carries over 1,000 brokers and agents, also having a presence in all the states of the nation.

Bank of America

The Bank of America is an American bank and, it’s headquarter is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It has experience of 2, centuries in the U.S banking system. At the time establishment, it’s known as Bank of Nantucket. Bank of America is the first bank who has built the first licensed credit card program which was known as BankAmericard, but now, it is known as Visa. Now Bank of America is one the largest mortgage lenders and in 2015 and 2016, Bank of America is ranked on the 5th place in terms of the largest mortgage lender, with originations of almost $16.5 billion.

Bank of America gives a very happy moment by establishing the first banking department run by women, only for women, situated in San Franciso.


As you can see while looking at its name, it’s unique and in the same way, it’s different from many banks listed on this list of the top mortgage bank/companies because it’s really, a lending exchange that’s based online. It does not operate as a top mortgage originator, but LendingTree is one of the best mortgage brokers. LendingTree was established in 1998, in Doug Lebda and, headquarter was based in Charlotte, NC.

LendingTree does not only serve as a top mortgage broker, but it also provides the opportunity to shop for auto, personal, business, and student loans, provide credit cards, etc.


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