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In the previous episode of Nazar, Devshree was waiting for all the members to come for “Pooja” but no has come yet. So Devshree moves towards Trishila room to call her for “Pooja” but Devshree saw Divya and Trishila were talking with each other then Devshree invite both of them for “Pooja”. Now in the latest episode of Nazar written update, Divya was released free from bondage, and Mohana comes there to kill Divya. Then they both here the sound coming from the stone that was felt from Divya’s hand. They hear that the end was near because there is going to be a big fight between Kali Shaktiyo and Riva Vanshiyo and the first person who’s blood comes out will going to lose the fight.

Afterward, another sound comes from the stone and it tells both of them that the first attack must be done with the help of the sword then the only fight will genuinely start. After listening to the coming voice they both run towards the sword but they both failed to pick the sword.

In the very next screen, Piya and Ansh were talking to each other about Divya that where is Divya, in between Devshree and Shekhar come and ask Piya and Ansh what happen they both replied that we were not able to find Divya. Then all the family members move towards the terrace because Devshree has seen Divya moving towards the terrace. When all of them went to the terrace they find Divya there. And Divya said her mom to take rest as Divya was not properly well. But Ansh stood on the terrace and he finds Dayan Vriksh root.

In the next screen, Piya asks Ansh what happen why are you so nervous, Ansh take that root outside from his pocket and show to Piya. And told Piya that there is something wrong but Piya refuses Ansh and didn’t believe Ansh. After that Ansh and Piya decided to protect their family members.

In the next screen, when everyone was sleeping, sword automatically comes on the house terrace and it was shining so brightly that Ansh and Piya stood up from sleep and when they both saw that sword they got shocked, but they wait for the morning and ask Karan about this sword. Karan replied that I have told you before that End was very near and the end of this world will start from this sword. So Ansh and Piya decided to hide that sword where no one else can find it. But Divya prevents them from taking a sword outside the house. But with the help of the father, Ansh hide the sword in the sea. Stay tuned for more written updates of Nazar written episodes.


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