Today's Written Update: Nazar Today's Episode Online 12th July 2019
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In the last written episode of Nazar, we have seen that Sanam and his husband were caught by the police as they were searching for the diamond (Trikon Money) in the police station and, Ansh was trying to investigate with whom Trishila come in the house. Now in today’s written episode of Nazar, while Ansh was trying to investigate with whom Trishila come, Nishant come with other family members and try to stop Ansh but Ansh break the door of the room and enter in the room, and all family sees Trishila and another shadow standing together. And all family member starts asking Trishila who is this. Then in a few seconds, the shadow becomes Piya’s mother. All family members get shocked after seeing this happen in front of their eyes as Divya was already killed by Mohana. After that Divya told everyone that with the help of Trishila, she is alive if Trishila didn’t help me when I was not able to meet all of you.

In the very next screen, Piya told her mother we have one more surprise for you, and she walks away from there and Piya comes with her baby. And Divya calls Piya’s baby and just after calling, Piya’s baby becomes a rock statue and then Divya asks Piya what happen so Piya replied to her mother Divya that whenever her baby gets feared, he becomes a rock statue.

In the next screen, Devshree was waiting for all the members to come for “Pooja” but no has come yet. So Devshree moves towards Trishila room to call her for “Pooja” but Devshree saw Divya and Trishila were talking with each other then Devshree invite both of them for “Pooja”.

Now in the last screen of Nazar episode, Piya asks his dad what happen because she can see some kind of problem on Karan’s face, Karan replied that Savi was saying that in the book of “Dayaan” there is nothing, it completely blank, after listening to this statement Piya got shocked. And Piya asks what does it mean then Karan replied it means the end (last fight for life). In the end, we see, Mohana enter in the house. Stay tuned for more and latest Nazar episode Written Update.


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