Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Today's Written Update
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In the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Sikandar, just for the sake of Amyra, has declared Kulfi as his brother Mohinder’s daughter and hurt everyone. And, in return to this Mohinder takes an oath of adopting Kulfi as his daughter forever. Now in the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala of 15 July 2019, Sikander was begging to meet Kulfi but Mohinder was not allowing Sikander to meet Kulfi. Afterward, Mohinder tells Kulfi that I have taken an oath that I will make you a superstar singer but for that Kulfi you have to listen to each and, everything that I told you. After saying all these things, Mohinder takes away Kulfi from the room.

In the next screen, Sikander comes to Mohinder for saying sorry to him, Sikander told Mohinder that please don’t take Kulfi from me, another wise I will not able to survive anymore. But Mohinder says sorry to Sikander and ask him to go away from here. In between, Mia’s husband (Vikram) comes in the house and Vikram meets Sikander and told her that now onwards I will teach Kulfi. Then Mohinder asks Kulfi, is there is something wrong to think right for you. And Mohinder told Kulfi, you have to follow my decisions. And Mohinder also asks Kulfi to take blessings from Vikram sir by touching his feet. Then Kulfi takes blessing from Vikram sir.

In the very next screen, Vikram was drinking tea with Kulfi and telling her about fame and money. But Kulfi straightforwardly, tells Vikram sir that she does not want fame and money. Kulfi replied I just have to sing for her soul only, not for fame and money. In return, Vikram replied to Kulfi that now onwards you will sing when I will allow you to sing only and also you need a new look and you have to be ready for grooming.

Afterward, all the family members went for sleep but Sikander was trying hard to sleep but he can not make it sleep himself. Sikander went to Kulfi’s room and sit outside the door and just after few seconds Kulfi open the door and they both together move towards the kitchen as they both are feeling hungry. In the kitchen, Kulfi and Sikander hug each other tightly. Stay tuned for more written updates of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala latest episode.


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