Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Written Update
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In today’s episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Sikandar, just for the sake of Amyra, has declared Kulfi as his brother Mohinder’s daughter and hurt everyone. And, in return to this Mohinder takes an oath of adopting Kulfi as his daughter forever. Poor Kulfi, fate is in no favor to her! On the other hand, Amyra is very happy as Sikandar did exactly what she wants. On top of everything, now Amyra wants Loveleen to again throw Kulfi out of the house by playing her evil acts, just like she did earlier. Sikandar, finally for the first time scold Amyra for her nonsense shit and ask her to promise that she won’t repeat this.

Later, Sikandar comes to meet Kulfi and tells her to obey Mohinder just like she obeys him. Also, that he is her only father and they spend some lovely time together.

Early morning, Mohinder announces in front of the media, Kulfi will not gonna sing with Amyra anymore. She will sing alone. His father ‘Mohinder Singh Gill’ is here now to fulfill all her desires and to turn her into a successful singer. He also made a statement “Just like small plants being under the banyan tree neither gets proper sunlight, nor gets water. The same way he doesn’t want Kulfi’s identity to overshadow under Sikandar“.

After all this, Sikandar and Loveleen have an intense discussion regarding Mohindar’s sudden decision of launching Kulfi alone. Loveleen on the other hand, again tries Sikandar to get convinced with her, tells him Mohinder has already drawn a line in this house by doing all this and there is everyone to choose Kulfi, but no one for Amyra, so she will choose her.

Reverting to this statement, Sikandar explains Loveleen – He loves a lot to both of his daughters. Moreover, he will not let anyone separate Kulfi and Sikandar, and yes, he will definitely make Kulfi get all her rights. Here, Gunjan and Mohinder have accepted Kulfi wholeheartedly. In the upcoming episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, you will see how Mohinder won’t even let Sikander have a conversation with Kulfi. For more updates of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala written episode stay tuned with us.


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