To make Russia a rocket center in five years to send the tourists to outer space

A space rocket center can be made in Russia in the first five years to send tourists to the outer space, the automatic research and production enterprise at Urals, which is developing a control system for this project, announced on Tuesday.

Businessman Andrei Misyura and the Kosmotur Sergei Yakovlev, Deputy Chief Executive signed an agreement Tuesday at INOPROM International Trade Fair, which was designed to create a control system for the university, which was designed to see space travelers. The report says the tap report. Misyura said, “We are planning to make a [rocket] compound in five years.” They said, “It is likely to enter a new market,” he said without specifying the details of the project.

According to Kosmotur CEO Yakovlev, it will be possible to create a space complex to send tourists to Earth orbit with an agreement signed with Automation Research and Production Enterprise in the Inoprump exhibition. “I believe that we will get the result, which everybody will see in many years and Automatics Research and Production Enterprise will be able to expand its commercial market,” said Yakovlev.

As previously mentioned, Kosmotur, which is developing a reusable spacecraft for suburban flights, has given Russia’s State Space Corporation Roscosmos to present the initial design of the space vehicle for an expert study in April-May.
Under the initial design, the company worked on various technical specifications. It was told that the launch of the rocket will be up to 80 tonnes, while the spacecraft with humans will weigh 7 tonnes. With oxygen and alcohol, new rockets and nitrogen are expected to be used as the basic components of fuel.

The Innoprump International Industrial Exhibition runs in Yekaterinburg in Urals on 9-12 July. The exhibition focuses on digital production. South Korea is a partner of Inoprod-2011, while Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade is the organizer of the exhibition.


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