Every planet is different in its way, and so do the Earth. Most of the above, Earth has life on it, and in the urge of finding the origin of life, scientists are doing everything in their power. The reason behind life on Earth is still a myth. Scientists are looking for answers on how oceans were born because of the movement in the tectonic plates. Earth has tectonic plates which keep on moving, and when they clashed with each other, they formed mountains.

On the other hand, whenever tectonics plates clash with each other, they either cause earthquakes or tsunamis. But tectonic plates are essential too, as they are responsible for moving the minerals from one place to another. Alexander Sobolev addressed during a press conference, “The mechanism which caused the crust that had been altered by seawater to sink into the mantle functioned over 3.3 billion years ago.

It means that a global cycle of matter, which underpins modern plate tectonics, was established within the first billion years of the Earth’s existence, and the excess water in the transition zone of the mantle came from the ancient ocean on the planet’s surface.” Sobolev is the leader of the study and a professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Sobolev and his team are studying komatiite magma. It is called komatiite magma because it was found near the Komati River, situated in South Africa. In spite of South Africa, you can also find Komatiite in Canada, Russia, and Ontario. Komatiite’s temperature can go up to 1500 to 1600-degrees Celcius, which makes it one of the hottest matters on Earth.

According to the studies, Komatiite is 3 billion-years-old, Sobolev and his team used high-tech instruments to study the komatiite rock. The plan was to melt the stone and study the minerals that komatiite consists. The fossils that Sobolev and his team found were chlorine, lead, and barium.

Tarun Singh
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