The Windsor- Essex County Going For Treatment For Opioids People
Image Source: CTV Windsor - CTV News

On 13th November, Tuesday, the Windsor Essex Community Opioid and Substance Strategy Leadership Committee (WECOSS-LC) have held an emergency meeting. This meeting was held to discuss the four overdose-related deaths which have said to have occurred in Windsor during the last weekend. It was said that this is very unfortunate that four overdose-related death has occurred in Windsor during the past weekend.

This type of event is said to be a very tragic event for the community as they have lost about four lives due to drug use.  As per LC, it said that it had recognized the use of the drug in the complex problem and it requires some multi-sectoral collaboration which is across the drug control. It includes the prevention as well as education along with the treatment, harm reduction and rehabilitation with enforcement.

For saving the lives in the future, it is said that the community now needs to determine short time measures in order to save the lives as well as long-term strategies in order to reduce or even break this type of cycle of addiction of the drugs that includes the reintegration of the people who all are from the community. This was said by the Medical officer of health Dr Wajid Ahmed. It has been seen that the residents are now asked to share their concerns as well as opinions for the safe injection or consumption sites in the community.


As per the health unit officials, it has been seen that it has been added that there is no decision which has been made about the safe injection or even the consumption site in Windsor-Essex. The health officials too said that they have this drug has got the complex problem and for this, it requires multi-sectoral collaboration which is across the areas of the drug control that includes prevention and awareness.

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