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One study found that about 400 billion years before the planet-wide success of the Great Oxidation Program, millions of years ago the level of oxygen of the Earth had increased and fell more than once. The discovery published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, can influence the search for life beyond the Earth. Researchers said that in the coming years, powerful new grounds will come – and the space-based telescope will be capable of analyzing the atmosphere of the remote planets.
This work can help astronomers to make “false negative”, or living planets unnecessarily, which cannot be done due to the level of oxygen which is not previously known. “The oxygen production and destruction of ocean and atmosphere was a war, and the Great Oxidation Program was not a clear winner,” said Matthew Keller, a Washington graduate in the United States’’.Great oxidation event was the biological form of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere 2.45 billion years ago.

They used two different proxies for oxygen-nitrogen isotope and element selenium – substances, which each also tells about the presence of oxygen in their own way. Koehler said, “The nitrogen isotope surface tells a story about the oxygenation of the ocean, and this oxygen spreads hundreds of kilometers into a marine basin and lives anywhere for less than 50 million years.” The team analyzed drill specimens by Professor Roger Buick of the University of Washington in 2012, named Jerrinah Formation on another site in the north-western part of Western Australia.
The researchers drill 300 cores of different cores, but through the same sediment rocks – a core sample was deposited in shallow water, and the other samples were silted from deep water. While analyzing the continuous layers in the rocks, Buick said, “stepped” change in the nitrogen isotope and then again came back to zero. “It can only be interpreted as meaning that the environment has oxygen. It’s really good – and it’s all sudden, “said Buick.

Nitrogen produces nitrates for the production of isotopes and some of the oceanic microorganisms that use oxygen reveal other microbes of nitrogen. Data derived from nitrogen from the isotopes give samples for the surface of the surface. Selenium displays oxygen in the ancient air. Koehler said that at that time was probably without anoxic in the deep sea, or without oxygen. The team only got a lot of selenium in the shallow hole, which means that it came from the surrounding land; it is not making it in deep water.
Selenium is organized in sulfur minerals on land; Buick said that high atmospheric oxygen oxygenation weather would be leaked to the more selenium over land – “rocks of the rocks” and transported to the sea.


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