The largest and the heaviest organism on earth is dying
Image Source: SlashGear

It is often assumed that the most massive organism on the earth is an elephant or a whale. Preferably it is a big tree or a system of more than 40,000 clonal trees which are all connected with one root. A 13 million pound organism located in the heart of central Utah, Pando is more or less regarded to have sprouted towards the ending of the last ice age.

After thriving as an oldest living organism, Pando has finally run into trouble. The Public Library of Science has published a study this Wednesday which featured an exalted comprehensive examination of the entire 106 acres of the asexually created popular forest, and the study concluded that Pando isn’t growing. As a matter of fact, the forest is unable to self-reproduce for 30 – 40 years. The director of the Western Aspen Alliance and co-author of the study, Paul Rogers said that “People are at the centre of this failure” Rogers has allegedly authored familiar research in 2017 and worked on a significantly little portion of the Pando.

Rogers said that people have allowed local cattle and deer population to survive in the flora kingdom. Their great appetite is the result of fewer saplings and the death of a lot of old trees. During the time of analysis, the team of researchers was not able to find any tree of sapling-size that did not have their tops eaten off.

Apex predators such as mountain lions, wolves, bears were keeping the population of mule deer in check and due to hunting the predators almost vanished from the area. Some of the ranchers do not stop their cattle from grazing on the trees.

The only species that can provide the remedy as humans acting as federal and state officials, not animals! The also reportedly found that, two areas of the forest that were protected by the fences that weren’t always reliable to keep the wildlife out. The survey had taken place in 2016 June and 2017.


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