Large Hadron collider

In discovery, the physicist who all are working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have made a major new detection from the famous Higgs Boson, and this time they have successfully gathered the details on a rare interaction which was happened with one of the heaviest fundamental particles known in physics.

These rare encounters have helped the physicist with some important information on the nature of mass and whether there is more to physics than the existing model predicts. The results are produced by the ATLAS and CMS experiments which are from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and it helps in confirming the strength of the bond between Higgs boson and top quarks.

As the Higgs bosons are responsible for the mass of fundamental particles and it is getting hard to compare with the predictions, and it is caused to celebrate. The famous formula of Einstein is said to be the description of mass as energy and to stick the basic particles together into the neutrons and protons also required energy and the effort usually contributes to the sense of heaviness of an atom.

It is believed that since a decade this particle is the missing piece of the Standard Model puzzle and it is said to be the last fundamental particle which is experimentally confirmed. In the year 2012, it rumors that Higgs boson was spotted in the LHC and then it was confirmed with the help of Standard Model.

As per the researchers they said that this is the start of the exploration of Higgs boson and it still needs to measure that tiny bit of effort which was responsible for the missing mass, and top quarks are the very good place to start looking for.  This new findings and research were published in Physical Review Letters.



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