The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 Episode 15,16th February 2019 Written Updates
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Kapil Sharma is back with season 2 and giving blockbuster episode back to back. The show is picking up its pace. In the last episode, Mohan Sisters and his family came in the show, it was a great show and some epic performance by Mohan sisters. Amazing humour and exceptionally well-talented girls made the atmosphere of fun at the peak in the complete show. The show started with the audience praised Kapil Sharma and after Kapil said two good lines about Ranveer and Alia and without wasting time Kapil called out Ranveer and Alia, both came in an energetic way in Ranveer style both gave hug Kapil and Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Ranveer makes the noise in the show, Navjot Singh welcome Ranveer and Alia by his poetry as he always welcomes their guests. Kapil privileged the trailer of Gully Boy and said that the movie will definitely a blockbuster. Kapil asks to both about the characters of the movie. Kapil Sharma asks Alia if your boyfriend cheats on you what will you do Alia replied silence is the best answer.

The show continues with Kapil epic comedy, Ranveer’s energy and Alia’s cuteness. Kapil asks Ranveer why all rappers always shake their hand and said that they completely justify the characters. After Kapil request to Ranveer to give a small performance of the character of Gully Boy. It was an epic performance by Ranveer. After Shimolika came in a rapper appearance and said that she is a rapper and they both make the funny environment of the show. they both make a laugh out to the audience after a while Bharti came as Titli on stage.

Titli asks some funny question to Ranveer and esteemed Alia’s look in a different style and sing Apna Time Ayga in a completely different style. Titli goes from the stage after she kissed Ranveer, Kapil asks what is the meaning of Tagline of Gully Boy Apna Time Ayega, Ranveer’s beautifully brief the Tagline. A fan came from the audience and perform on Apna Time Ayga(Gully Boy’s song). After one more fan came and gave an outstanding performance of his himself made the beat everybody praised that audience fan a standing ovation. A friend gave a hand made a picture of Ranveer and Deepika. Many people share their experience with their struggle. Ranveer and Alia dance and sing on Alia’s song it was very funny.

Kapil, Alia, and Ranveer performed together in which all sang a song. After a team of Kapil Sharma Show came and entertained all. The energy level of the show was at another level as we all know always energetic Ranveer Spell his caste on stage. It was another great episode of The Kapil Sharma Show season 2 with Alia and Ranveer. The show ends up by giving gift hamper to the beat master the show offered him a bike and Kapil congratulate the team and gave best wishes.

In tonight’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 is going to be very interesting as little super dancers are coming to steal your heart with their amazing dance moves and sweet talks. Watch the amazing performance by these super adorable little dancers tonight at 8 PM only on Sony TV. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates and written episodes.


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