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Kapil Sharma is back with its another great episode and Kapil entered on the stage of the show and describe the atmosphere of the exam. He explained the fear of student in a funny way and how the students try to bribe God for passing in the exam. As always Kapil made a healthy and funny atmosphere on the stage. After he explains the funny faces of the teacher of different subjects and describes how students attempt exams in starting hours and when the exam is about to over. After a complete description of students and some pictures of student and their tricks of cheating.

After enjoying the superb humor of Kapil after Kapil asks the experience of cheating to the audience after many people shared their many funny memories how they cheat in exams in their school times. After Kapil noticed a little girl is sleeping in the audience, he said that this age of life is best with no worries and no tension. After Kapil calls the guest of the show complete star cast of Kalank including Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapoor, and Sonakshi Sinha. All gave an awesome dance performance on stage.

Kapil asked the price of some basic groceries items to the guest complete audience enjoy the question answer round, as all the actors gave minimus correct answer so Kapil gave a funny punishment that all the actors in which Alia came at the first position. All the actors with Kapil appeal all the audience to vote. Kapil asked all the guests what if you join politics what will your election symbol. All the actors describe their election symbol and the reason why they want to choose it as their election symbol.

Bachcha Yadav joined the stages and entertained all the guests and appreciate all the guests. He entertains a lot to all the audience and guests after he ended up with his funny jokes, Sonakshi got all tricky question of Bachcha. Kapil continues asking questions on behalf of kids. Varun danced with the kids on the stage. Alia also dances with his fans. Later all the celebrities with the team of the show played spoof of Kaun Banega Crorepati. After some funny questions of the game, all the guests enjoy the game a lot. It was another great episode of the Kapil Sharma Show. Stay tuned with us for more details and latest updates related to Kapil Sharma Show Season 2.





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