The Kapil Sharma Show S02 E13, 9th February 2019: Ranveer & Alia In The House!
Image Source: The Indian Express

Kapil Sharma is back with the complete 1 hour of laughing and fun the show is continuing on Sony TV after a long gap of one year, somehow the show gradually picking up its pace and receiving a good response. Many celebrities are coming in the show for promotion. The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the best comedy show beloved by the Indian audience a lot. In a few episodes, many celebrities like Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sunny Leone, Guru Randhawa have come in the show and enjoy a lot with nonstop stop humour of Kapil Sharma and team and Navjot Singh Sidhu’s epic poetry and laughter.

In the previous episode of Kapil Sharma Sania Mirza the famous tennis player came with her sister and enjoy a lot and both sisters make fun of Kapil Sharma which was epic. Kapil Sharma asks her experience how she feels after she has been a mother of a child and her experience with her child. Sania gives all answer and some in a little sarcastic way both maintain the joy of the show in the complete episode.

In the last episode, Neeti Mohan has come in the show Kapil Sharma start the show with his stunning jokes about today’s kids and how he busy with mobile phones and how now times mother care their children while they are too busy with mobile phones and compare how mothers care in old times and make fun of social media and posts on social media and filters of Snapchat and show some photos of his team with some filters of SnapChat and tell some importance of playing outside. After Kapil asked the audience about there social media experience. After a while, Kapil Sharma calls Neeti Mohan.

She came with a melodious song completely enjoyed by Kapil Sharma and the audiences of the show. Kapil Sharma introduced the family of Neeti Mohan and tell about all sisters of Neeti Mohan and say some lines about support girl child and support them to do something in their life after sometime Kapil Sharma calls Shakti and Mukti and all three sisters talk about how they define their careers after Neeti become successful singer and dance congratulate Kapil with a funny dance performance after some talking with the audience the show continues with laughing, fun, and joy. After that, the team of Kapil Sharma entertain the Mohan sisters and family and praise all highly talented girls.

Mohan sisters give an outstanding performance of singing and dance all the audience go crazy by the epic performance, Neeti’s fiance come on stage in the middle of the audience Mohan sisters got surprised, Kapil asks about how they both met and they finalized about their marriage they picturized how he purposed Neeti. Kiku as Mr. Bachcha come and entertain the Mohan family in the show and tell shakti not to marry in Kapoor’s family because she will become Shakti Kapoor. It was another epic show of Kapil like all Bacha end the show with his joke and Kapil Sharma blessed everyone and the episode ends with complete Mohan Family on stage and a large round of applause with another performance by Mohan sisters.

In The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 Episode 13, 9th February 2019, Gully Boy star cast Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt will make an appearance. Tonight’s episode is going to be very interesting where Ranveer will impress everyone with his rapping skills and crazy dance moves. Kapil will tease Ranveer over Deepika, who is Kapil’s biggest celebrity crush. Catch all tonight’s fun episode of The Kapil Sharma Show at 8 PM only on Sony TV.


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