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A device has been constructed with the help of two types of the qubit. This is called the fundamental computing element of quantum computers. This kind of devices can get initialized very quickly and can read out. They can also maintain the high control fidelity. It was said that the spin-based quantum computers had got the potential to tackle mathematical problems.

It cannot be solved by using the ordinary computers, and the problems remain in the machines that are scalable. The team of researchers which was led by RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science in Japan have constructed a hybrid device. This device helps in solving the problems easily. It was now seen that now normal computers have appeared to be reaching my limit.

Quantum computers have said to be with potential replacements, and this computer can tackle the problems in different and potential with more fast way. In the year 1998, Daniel Loss is said to be one of the authors who has done this current study. He came up with this proposal with David DiVincenzo of IBM.

The proposal is said to build a quantum computer by using the spins of electrons that is embedded in the quantum dot. In this, a small particle can behave like an atom, and it can be manipulated, and they are known as artificial atoms. It is seen that there are some barriers to develop practical devices regarding speed.  

First of all, the device can able to initialize quickly, and the initialization is said to be the process in which it puts a qubit into a certain state. Then it cannot be done rapidly as it is slowed down by the device. This study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

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