Great Barrier Reef

In a new study, it suggests that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has come under the near-death experience for about five times in the last 30,0000 years. The researchers said that the Reef had experienced all types of changes like sea level rises, increase the sediments and change in temperatures. Despite experiencing five near-death experience by the reef, they bounce back in the past.

According to the Jody Webster, who is from the University of Sydney and also co-authored the paper in the journal Nature Geoscience said, “I have grave concerns about the ability of the reef in its current form to survive the pace of change caused by the many current stresses and those projected into the near future.”

The researchers who have carried out this study have looked at the fossil reef cores at about 16 sites which are spread across North Queensland in Australia. They have found that the reef has already experienced the death and in order to survive, the reef has moved into the season that it can survive. When they analysis the fossils which were collected from the reef cores and vertical holes punches in the ocean floor, they found out that this reef gas die-off and then regenerated in the last 30,000 years. The time period in which they have experienced this situation includes both ice age and modern era.

This study and data gathering expedition was conducted, and it is the part of the International Ocean Discovery program, and it includes about 24 countries, and it is said to be the world’s largest multinational geoscience program. The new problem which is now occurring is the rise in global temperatures as well as the rise of water, and due to this, the reef may experience subsequent death like situation and this time they might not bounce back so quickly as they have in the past.


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