Super Blood Wolf Moon, Moon, Lunar eclipse, Earthquakes
Image Source: The Clarion-Ledger

The coming month, January 2019, the public will be witnessing a Super Blood Wolf Moon. It is likely to be occurring on January 20. In the past year, Super Blue Moon was featured with a red tinge which was caused through the shadow of Earth by the moon itself. Get ready for the event which will take place in the coming month which will depend on the time zone of various viewers.

The memorable event will likely to start at9.36 PM, and the total eclipse is said to start at 11.41 PM as per the Eastern Time Zone. The glimpse of the amazing moon will end up at 3 AM ET. And how did Super Blood Wold Moon get its antique name? The full moon will pass through the upper shadow of Earth on January 20. The shadow of the earth will cause some unique red color on the moon, and hence the name is well referred to “Super Blood Wolf Moon.”

Above all, the event will take place in the night where the entire moon will be at its closest distance from the Earth. And hence the “Super” part is well denoted in the name. Almost all the people who are living in Canada and US will get an amazing chance to witness such a particular eclipse which will be followed by the clear skies. According to the source, the full moon will become dark red-orange which can enter the Earth’s shadow.

The prominent data from NASA has reported that the eclipse will be visible throughout South and North America. The moon is said to be a “Super Blood Wolf Moon” because of its larger size. It will be an incredible display to the viewers, and the entire lunar eclipse will be in the closest distance to the earth.


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