The biggest telescope of the Southern hemisphere to look for aliens
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The biggest radio telescope whose name is MeerKAT telescope is operating in the Southern Hemisphere is said to be now become the world’s largest programme searching for extraterrestrial lives. Breakthrough Listen says this. It has been said that Breakthrough Listen is the $100 million astronomical programme which searches for the signs of the intelligent life that is present in the universe.

In a statement from them, it is said that this is one of the major new programmes with the MeerKAT telescope. This has been done in partnership with the South African radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO).  The survey will get examined by a million individual stars which are about 1000 times the number of targets. Apart from this, the addition of the MeerkAT observations is said to be having the existing surveys. It will be operating at around 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

As per Yuri Milner, who is the founder of the Breakthrough Initiatives, said that this is collaborating with MeerKAT that significantly able to enhance the capability of the BreakThrough Listen. This project is said to be now a truly global project. This was build as well as operated by the SARAO, as MeerKAT is said to be a powerful array of about 64 radio antennas. They are situated in the remote Karoo desert of South Africa.

When they get partnered with SARAO, Breakthrough Listen has gained access to one of the world’s premier observing facilities at radio wavelengths. The signals that come from the 64 dishes are said to be combined electronically to yield an impressive combination of the sensitivity as well as resolution and field view of the sky. It is also said that MeerKAT serves as the precursor for the Square Kilometre Array. It can able to expand as well as can enhance the current facility shortly.

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