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The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) of NASA has shown promising results only within nine months of its launch. It has found almost eight planets as well as other astronomical bodies. The most significant discovery of TESS is a planet that is almost 23 times more than Earth regarding January. The confirmed findings were disclosed at the 233rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle on January 7. The scientists announced that the newly discovered planet is named HD 21749b with a star located 53 light years away. According to Chelsea Huang of MIT, there could be another planet of the star orbiting more closely to it and could be about the same size as Earth.  

According to the principal investigator of TESS, George Ricker of MIT, there is a steady and high volume of information flowing in presently, and since the launch of TESS in April last year, it has shown more promise than the Kepler Space Telescope. Chelsea Huang also stated at the briefing that TESS has been able to complete scanning of four segments of the sky from Earth’s orbit. She also stated that in the four segments, TESS had identified eight confirmed plants and over 320 astronomical bodies which have not been confirmed till now. Huang further added that many of the newly discovered astronomical entities were particularly strange.

Chelsea Huang also expressed the possibilities for further research on the newly found planets such as the HD 21749b which is located in the constellation Reticulum. The surface of the planet is estimated to be almost 150 degrees Celsius albeit with a relatively lower temperature of the surface as compared to the distance to its star. The HD 21749b is expected not to be rocky and thus deemed suitable for human habitation. Scientists have also discovered evidence for another planet in the same planetary system without any official confirmation. Upon official confirmation, it could be the first planet discovered with the same size as Earth.  

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