In a new stunning discovery, the astronomers have able to click the image of the black hole. The Event Horizon Telescope has just released the image which was taken by them from the previous observing periods. Scientists have a belief that every galaxy has the supermassive black hole at the centre and takes so much space that light cannot escape from it.

The Earths own galaxy Milky Way galaxy has own black hole which is known as Sagittarius A, and it is about 4 million times the mass of the Sun. The EHT is not the single satellite but it is a network of radio telescopes which are strategically positioned around the Earth, and it uses the radio interferometry to act like one big telescope.

The main aim of the EHT is to create the full picture of Sagittarius A. The project has got a clearer image of the accretion disk which is present around the black hole, and it gives some insight to the behaviour and nature. This disk is said to be the important as it is surrounded by an apron of gas and other materials which is surrounding the black hole’s event horizon. The area which is present in the black hole is the gravity which has become strong, and it is pulled in so that they can’t escape from it.

During the 2017 observations, scientists have discovered the structures which are built near the black hole, and they are present three times the radius of the black hole’s event horizon. The structure is found to be closer to Sag A’s event horizon than Mercury to Sun. The EHT is now worked for several years, and it added many new satellites along the way. The much-hyped 2017 run occurred in the two weeks which is in last April.


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