Teer Lottery Result 3PM: Shillong, Juwai, Khanapara Teer Lottery Result Today of 2.9.2019
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Good afternoon participants and get ready to check Today’s Teer Lottery of 2 September 2019 as it is going to announce very soon and, you must take participation in today’s Teer lottery which includes Shillong Teer Lottery, Juwai Teer Lottery and, Khanapara Teer Lottery. Just wait for a few minutes as today’s Teer Lottery Result 3 PM of 2 September 2019, will be going to announce very soon by the Meghalaya state government lottery department, on their official lottery website. We also inform you that Teer Lottery Result will be declared in two rounds. One of the best thing that Meghalaya state government has done is that they have appointed different section that plays an important role in the functioning of the lotteries programs such as printing lottery tickets, distributing lottery tickets, withdrawing results of every weekly lottery. It also supports and solves the issues of aspirants related to tickets and claiming their reward.

Khanapara, Shillong, Juwai Teer Lottery Today

There are so many people from all across the Meghalaya city, who take participation in today’s Teer Lottery and the foremost reason behind this huge participation is that Teer Lottery is one of the safe lottery programs because Teer Lottery which includes Shillong Teer, Juwai Teer, and Khanapara Teer Lottery is conducted and managed by the Meghalaya state government. And one more reason for conducting Teer Lottery programs is that it helps Meghalaya state government in collecting revenue from their citizens. Additionally, lottery programs offer the mindblowing chance to people, to become rich in a day, and without doing any extra hard work.

Juwai Teer Lottery Results of 2 September 2019

Today’s results for Juwai Teer Lottery will be announced at 2:30 PM for the first round results will be announced at 3:00 PM

Juwai Teer First Round:

Juwai Teer Second Round:

Shillong Teer Lottery Results of 2 September 2019

Shillong Teer Lottery first round results will be declared at 3:45 PM while the second round results will come out at 4:30 PM.

Shillong Teer First Round:

Shillong Teer  Second Round:

Khanapara Teer Lottery Results of 2 September 2019

The result for Khanapara Teer Lottery for the first round will be announced at 4:00 PM while the result of the second round will be out at 4:30 PM.

Khanapara Teer First Round:

Khanapara Teer Second Round:

Juwai Khanapara Shillong Teer Result Today

Shillong Teer, Juwai Teer, and Khanapara Teer result for 2.9.2019 will be announced in two different timings. The result will be updated here as soon as it comes out. Please refresh this website to check the complete results. Stay tuned with us for all Shillong Teer, Khanapara Teer, and Juwai Teer Lottery Results.


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