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Kodaram Kondan has hit the box office today, is the Tamil language action movie. The movie is produced by Kamal Haasan and directed by Rajesh Selva. Along with its original Tamil version, the movie has also released in the Telugu language too. Vikram and Akshara Haasan are shown in the lead roles. Along with them the stars Lena and Abi Hassan are shown as playing the supporting roles.

Kodaram Kondan is an action thriller which portrays the story of KK(Vikram) who is already wounded and running away for the sake of his life from 2 anonymous. They finally chased him but KK met across an accident and gets hospitalized. Abi Hassan who is playing Vasu works as a doctor in the same hospital. Meanwhile, Vasu’s wife Aatirah (Akshara Haasan) is pregnant at the same time.

Check the official trailer of Kadaram Kondan action thriller Movie

While Vasu is on the night duty he notices that there’s a man who tries to kill KK, the same moment he informs the police about this incident. And this resulted in the kidnapping of Vasu’s wife Aatirah. Those hooligans threaten Vasu and tell him if he wants his life back he has to bring them KK.

KK’s case has given to Kalpana(Lena). From his fingerprints, the investigation department comes to know that it’s KK, a smart gangster who has never been caught and suspect. Moreover, this is the case that even Vincent(Vikas, Lena’s competitor) failed to solve.

Later, Vasu puts the whole scenario in front of KK. KK along with Vasu moves forward to save Aatirah’s life. KK tells Nandha to meet at a metro station. KK and Vasu plan further how to bring Aatirah back.

we are hoping to perform its best on the box office and stand by the audience’s expectations. With lots of love and blessings we wish Kodaram Kondam luck and to hit the box office with a blast. stay tuned with us for more updates and Kodaram Kondan box office collection.



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