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NASA astronauts complete 6-hour walk replaces Leaky pump coolers

The astronauts of NASA have completed the fifth spacewalk of 2018 from International Space Station. They have spent about 6 hours 31 minutes in space in which they have undertaken the maintenance work of...

Life of ISS should be till 2028, US Senators Says

Two US senators said in a hearing about the future of the orbiting laboratory that NASA should extend the life of the International Space Station (ISS) till 2028. The hearing which was held on...
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Researchers found toddler planet looking at double star CS CHA

A group of international team of researchers has found a new toddler planet which is orbiting around the double star. The discovery was found from the observations that were done from the SPHERE instrument...
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NASA to put humans on Mars using moon mission

Jim Bridenstine, the new head of NASA has defended the space agency’s directive to send the astronauts to the moon again before sending them off to Mars. He said that this would be a...
NASA's Astronomers found the fastest pair of stars in the Binary system

NASA’s Astronomers found the fastest pair of stars in the Binary system

The astronomers of NASA have discovered a record-breaking star system which is known as IGR J17062-6143. It is a very compact binary system as one of the stars is spinning at great speed and...

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