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High Fibre Diet, Health, Chronic Diseases

Consuming High-Fibre diet may lower the risk of death and chronic diseases

In a new study, it was found out that the people who all eat foods having higher fiber content will low the risk of death as well as chronic diseases like cancer or stroke....
AI, Cervical Cancer, Health, Artificial Intelligence

AI approach more accurate than doctors to predict cervical cancer

In the new study, researchers have developed a novel artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithm which can identify cervical cancer. This AI does this with great accuracy, and the accuracy is better than the doctors...
Facebook, Instagram, Depression, Health

Depressions occur due to Instagram and Facebook behaviors

If you are spending too many hours on Facebook and Instagram, then it may lead you to the depression stage. This was proved in a new study that was done to analyze the impacts...
Dental Floss, Oral B Floss, Health

Dental floss contains toxic chemicals, Study Says

As per a new study which was done by Silent Spring Institute and Public Health Institute in Berkeley, it said in its reports that the popular Oral-B floss which all users may have got...

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